paint mixing?


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I ran into a dude at a hobby store, and he was talking about how he never mixes his paints in his paint cup on his brush, that he has separate bottles he uses to mix them always. He told me because he thinks it breaks down the foundation of the brush, does anyone else do this? It seems extremely time consuming
Are we talking real brushes or air brushes? I do both for my airbrush, I have a box of 50 , 1oz Yorker cap bottles for mixing custom colors. I also have a book of lined index cards to spray custom colors on and record the mix.

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I'd say 90% of the time I'm mixing right in the color cup. If I'm using a lot of a particular color, I will mix it up in a separate container (We go through a lot of baby food and those little jars come in really handy for that), but that's just for the convenience of making sure I have enough of that particular color... not because its going to harm my airbrush or anything. Maybe if you're using an airbrush that doesn't have solvent proof seals and you're using HOK or something, but other than that, I can't see it doing any harm.
Depends on what I am doing. Most of my paintings use color matched opaques as a base, then tinted with transparents.
I color match my paints in a container.

Here are the ones I use on a project by project basis. They are small containers and work well for me, though I only use water based paints. Darice Plastic 12-Piece Paint Cups: Arts, Crafts & Sewing

My transparents used for tinting are generally mixed in the paint cup. I agree that mixing in the cup shouldn't hurt anything.
Colour mixing I do in a separate container. Just thinning the paint I do straight in the gun.
I mix my colors outside the brush, usually in small 1 or 2 oz. cups. Like the kind you'd get you're ketchup in if you got a meal to-go from a burger joint. I get them from a local restaurant supply store, along with wooden coffee stir sticks that I cut in half and use to mix the paint.

It doesn't hurt the brush to mix in the color cup, but I've found that mixing in the cup can be more hit-and-miss, and more trouble than mixing in a separate cup.