Paint not being sucked up



Hi im new to airbushing and i was ready to start painting a stencil but the airbrush wasnt sucking up the paint. I used to 2 different airbrushes, theyre not name brand, one was a gravity and the other siphon i first used the siphon airbrush and it wasnt sucking up from the cup i checked if it was cloggeD from the tube and it wasnt i tried cleaning out tye airbrush and nothing. I switched airbrushes and the same happened im not really sure what to do ive tried looking online but i dont understand the words theyre using

ad fez

Hi and welcome! what paint are you using, its likely it needs reducing (thinning) a should be about the consistency of milk....also what kind of compressor are you using, does it have a tank, the tanked ones spray at about a maximum constant pressure of about 30 psi, butt a suction fed brush likes a bit more than that often.hope this helps.....pop over to the intro section and tel us a bit about yourself.....lots of fun interesting folk....jump in and have a laugh


yep try the introduction section so we can know and greet you properly.about your problem try first using water at high pressure so to be sure is not a clogg.