Paint not sticking to primer...



Hi! I am presently airbrushing my son's goalie mask. It is a fiberglass mask. I wet sanded the mask, than primed it with duplicolor primer. Let it dry overnight.

Then i applied three thin coats of createx opaque white. Heated the mask with the airdryer. Two hours later the paint peels off with a finger rub...

What should i do:

Sand the primer?
Use adhesion promotor?
Let the white paint cure longer?
Any help would be appreciated.
400S good you just have it to give it a light sanding so it has some tooth for the paint to stick too then tack rag it off and paint
I use 320grit. Sand it all down, and CLEAN with wax degreaser. Use adhesive promoter, prime, sand with 800, clean agaun with degreaser, then paint. The paint should NOT be coming off that easily.;)
Switch to wicked and you wont need to heat cure. Not bashing standard createx too badly but its not a good fit for the application.

Duplicolors not a bad spray can primer. I use it when im being lazy. You can wet or dry sand the duplicolor. But honestly no need to wet sand something your just scuffing up that us that small.
Ohh and shouldnt need ap after the prime coat. If the primer is sticking tight, you should be able to spray directly on it.
Standard Createx = TEXTILES
as stated your lacking in prep work . But also while you can get standard Createx to stick to fiberglass and plastic it will not hold up long do to it is not designed to do so .
Thanks to all!! I know that standard createx is not the best stuff. The stores around here don't have wicked and the rest is pretty limited. Would auto-air be better ? I have some colors in auto-air.
as someone mentioned, Createx is not the product you want to be using. Not nearly durable enough. Have to do the prep/base that everyone's mentioned but need to switch to different paint. How detailed/graphic are you trying to get? If it's just basic colors and stripes or if you can use stencils etc....just about any decent spray rattle paint will work better than the Createx Paint. Auto-Air would be much better than Createx Colors.
Not my best work :) done several years ago with rattle cans.
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Definitely try and get some Wicked paint. Apart from anything else it's light proof, and isn't going to fade, and is so much easier to work with. You can use much lower pressure so get much more control, which means it's much better for detail work too. Use the W500 reducer, gives it a really tough cure, and is perfect for helmets/automotive etc, plus Wicked colours are really bright (wicked has a lot of pigment, which is another reason to use the reducer, plus it's good for tip dry), and pop really well after being cleared.

If you really do intend to stick with the regular createx. I would hit each layer with a hairdryer before adding another (you don't need to do this at all with wicked), apart from needing a tooth to bond too, if the bottom layer isn't properly dry, then any additional layers may dry on top of it - but it will always want to peel off.
Just came back from the store, no wicked paint. Got some auto-color. If time was available i would order wicked color paint from the web.but i only have 2weeks to paint the mask. So i Will auto-air and hope for the Best. If it doesn't hold well i Will have a New reason to start over!
I haven't used much in the way of auto air, but when I did use it I found light layers, dried with a hairdryer worked best, or it stayed kind of tacky. But that might just be my experience in the conditions I was painting in at the time. With the helmet scuffed, should work just fine :)
I use auto-air almost exclusively on goalie masks. It'll stick. Sand off the createx and carry on. :)