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Hi All,
I understand that cake decorators use airbrushes to paint cakes with food colourant.

Being on a tight budget, I see that food colourant is under a £1./ $0.50c a bottle.

Could I put it in my airbrush to practice the Airbrushtutors lessons or is airbrushing with paint and airbrushing with food colourant two different things?

I would love to know if anyone has done this before, if it is ok to do or if it ruins the airbrush or something?

In short, yes these are two different thing, in long, see below ;)

I would never recommend learning to airbrush with food colorants.
Why not?
Well it behaves very differently than paints made for airbrushing. So you can learn with food colorants and then pick up a bottle of paint and splatter it all over the place, just because you then are not used to them.
But its so cheap...
Yeah with reason... If you do get a nice painting you slap yourself not making it with paint haha. But really learning the basics is not only controlling the airbrush, but even more controlling your medium and paint. How much pressure, how much thinner, how does it cover etc. etc. etc.
OK Firepanther, thanks for the steer.
I'll save up for the paints.
I was only talking about the excercises mins not doing a nice painting :)
I agree with firepanther, glassy, however, for something so cheap you could certainly give it a go. It will be harder to paint with than airbrush paints because it's so liquid but being water based it won't harm your airbrush.. I've never tried it or seen anyone who has so.. maybe you could pioneer this for myself and everyone else?
I was only thinking about doing it for the excecises, my goal is paining fine art, T's and murals on cars.
I will give it a gfo though and post my results.
I also heard that there are people learning the basics (lines dots and controling the dual action) with gouache as they are also water mixed and extremely cheap.