paint residue?



I have received my second Paasche Talon the first the handle would not stay on due to poor threads. This on looks to have something in the bowl and is very stiff and it sounds like metal scraping when you move the trigger, even the threads have that sound when you unscrew anything except the chuck for the needle. I wrote to Paasche and ask if they test all the airbrushes but have not heard from them yet and probably wont until the weekend is over. I tried to lube the trigger and surrounding areas with Paasche Airbrush Lube and it doesn't seem to help. Also the needle tip pulled threads off (just once) of a Q-tip when I rubbed it lightly with lube on on the Q-tip from the back of the needle towards the tip. I am trying to decide if Amazon sent me a used brush or not. Below is a picture of the bowl.

paint residue.JPG
Hmm, doesn't sound too clever. Not sure if it's used, could be a return that's slipped through and got resold, or it could just be a bad brush. But whatever, if you aren't happy with it, it needs to go back. Even if you can manage to get it working at all, you'll always wonder about it, and whether it's performing as it should be. Hopefully they'll get in touch and get you sorted.
I ordered my Paasche Talon from TCP Global, and it was A1, Did you buy it directly from Amazon or from one of the sellers that use the Amazon platform. Check on your invoice if it's a seller other than Amazon it will be stated in the details, this might help you to get this sorted out.

Good Luck :)
Sold by Amazon. I don't know if the Paasche Talon should be like that or not and I don't know if they normally test their brushes or not so it could be just my lack of knowledge and them not cleaning well enough.
when i got my talon it was pristine and completely new!!!so better do as white knight said!!!by the way i got mine from chicago airbrush supply.