Paint Spary is not right

I am the last person to know but I would venture that you might have impurities in your paint, maybe you need to use the pantyhose(stockings) strainer idea.
Hi my friend drobbins,
does this also happen when you raise your air-pressure?
If so ether you needle is at the tip in a other shape, or you paint may be to old or has get very cold.
This type i got with very old color, because the particles stick together. And will not been blown away from the tip right away.
They will stick some time there and will get blown away in sprinkles.

I had this too this very evening, in my case it was caused by 2 things, one was water from the compressor, and the other was tip dry, before solving the the problem and because I liked the effect, I continued to use this to make my background on my latest project.

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As you can see here I have the same speckle effect, which I decided to make use of, saved me a pencil,lol
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The correlation between nozzle and aircap can cause a bunch of different issues. Keep this info filed under experience, one more thing you've seen in your travels. In my case it's one more thing to try to pull up out of the dusty memory banks when it happens to me.:smile-new:
Interesting result, was it a new brush or a tried and tested one please?
I fixed it. It seemed when I loosened my nozzle, it sprayed way better.

That's a bit weird, but depends on the gun I suppose, it cld come from a few things, paint not strained well or too thick, paint build up in the nozzle area or on tip or just the type of paint, some are quite heavy pigmented...If your using a gun that you can take the knozzle of completly, try doing so, will give you much tighter lines but don't drop ya gun LOL, bent needles suck. I tend to get that effect a lot when me pressures a touch low, but again cld be a variety of things or small probs in each area..Good luck :)