Paint Splatter...



Hey folks, I have been experiencing a lot of splatter from my airbrush- almost to the point of every time I press the trigger. I have tried upping the PSI (set just under 20 psi) and lowering but just slightly either way and not making much difference. I am using Badger Minitaire paints right out the pot and beginning to think that may be my problem- as it has always (to my inexperienced eye) looked just a bit too thick. Do you guys use ab ready paints? Do they still require further thinning? Or is it a check each pot just in case with all your paints? I am beginning to think the latter may be the way to look on it? Thanks for reading :)
Especialy with the smaller nozzles sizes (0.18-0.2) it's almost always advisable to reduce it a bit to get it flowing better. Most paints say they can be sprayed straight from the bottle and they all lie! :p

I don't know the paint you are using but one of the causes of the problem you describe is too thick a paint so just try reducing it a bit and see if that helps. If it doesn't you'll have to start looking for other causes like damaged needles/nozzles.
I would say that your AB (any AB) will spray anything provided it is thinned to the proper consistency. I was taught that the constancy of milk is the thickest you want.
I have just tried other colours that were splattering and with a few drops of thinners to the paint and so far so good, I am not sure of the Patriots actual needle size (think it's 0.4 mm so I should be able to shoot porridge through there right lol -kidding :D ) I am really hoping I have cracked this as the splatter was getting me down, not that I was getting any on my model so much as the fact i knew I was doing something wrong. Thanks for your time and advice guys :)
I am not familiar with those paints, but the pigment in AB paints is much finer than other paints. And even AB paints who say they can shoot straight from the bottle are based on using .5 nozzles.
I use Trident paints and usually reduce them a bit more than they say. I have found that if mixture is too thick it will definitely cause spattering. I usually spray at about 30/35 psi and adjust pressure with my finger as i go. If pressure is too low it will cause spattering too. Trial and error really. Maybe your airbrush is just having a bad day as they all do. Good luck.
Spattering or "spidering" usually has 2 causes:
1. Paint viscosity - too thick or thin.
2. Air pressure - too high or low.
Adjust only one at a time until you can spray a neat, compact line.
This should at least give you a solution, even if it's only temporary.
A partially clogged nozzle will often give this result, but is easily remedied by a soak in cleaner.
If - at the end of both trials and adjustments - you still experience problems, imho, you may have a damaged nozzle.
This would require replacement of both needle and nozzle, as they're usually a matched pair.
A look at it through a good magnifying glass should give you a hint.
Hope this helps you out.
Thanks for the help guys :)
It was definitely due to me trusting the AB ready label. Since adding a few drops of thinner to the paint -no problems at all.
Cheers :thumbsup: