Paint sticking to needle



I have tried superlube I have tried @Mr.Micron mix tried nothing I get the same thing every time especially with my black.

Comart straight or diluted 50%
Wicked diluted 30% and 50%
Wicked detail diluted 30%

Tried air pressure from 8psi to 22psi and in between. I can't get a smooth line and when I pull out needle it looks like this or worse. 20151113_133546-1.jpg
Tip dry is just one of the things we have to deal with, id say everyone has experienced it at some stage
Yea we all have to deal with it and black and white are the worst of all the colors,try upping your air pressure a few more psi or reduceing the paint and add a drop of glycerin or extender to the mix as that will help with the tip dry
Only thing that might improve it is polishing the needle...
I agree with mark above with regards to polishing the needles . I was using comart black and white the other day straight out the bottle at 15 psi . No tip dry in 2 hours use . Used to get it all the time until I polished my needles .
I havent had any serious tip dry since I switched to the K33 needle , even if I dont clean it and leave it sitting on the holder for the night one good blast of air and paint will clean the needle and the brush is ready for action again. polishing a needle is tricky and needs to be done just right or you end up with a needle that wont sit right in the nozzle
A smooth needle helps a lot in preventing tipdry (after you got your reduction and pressure sorted out). If you have a lot of issues you might considder getting a new needle, not saying that will solve it but if the needle isn't smooth anymore it doesn't help with tipdry (you won't be able to see that damage with the naked eye)

that being said, as indicated by others, you'll find it very hard not to get tipdry with black and white. I switched a lot between brands for those colors and at the moment am sticking to the Createx illustration black and white (the white from Golden also preforms pretty well for me)
I am not talking about tip dry. The paint is sticking back on the needle inside the brush. Tip dry no biggie the pic is hard to see but it like a quarter or half inch from tip and sticking for about a half inch.

For polishing I have white jewelers rough but I'm not sure if that would be to rough I use it to hone my swivel knife for leather work.
Which brush are you using? I can only think that there might be some wear, or some build up of dried paint maybe in your head, and paint is sitting on it and starting to dry out as you are painting. Also I don't use lube anymore and haven't for a long time, but I'm wondering if maybe you can use too much, or if it could dry out and leave a residue build up?? Just a few thoughts. Hopefully someone can come up with something a bit more useful lol.
a little paint sticking to the needle can be caused by back flushing , I know it happens to me if I do but I never found it to be a problem and it has no effect on how the brush preforms , as Squishy pointed out the superlube will dry out and build up if you dont clean it off before you apply it again I never use it as it is not the best thing to use for an airbrush
Using HP-cs and like I said if tried with and without lube. Also ran restorer thru cap and it's a new brush maybe has 20 hours of total use.
I get paint that sticks to the needle that i see when I do a color change and flush with water but I just use a small paint brush and swish it around the bottom and the part of the needle I can see in the cup and flush it again and that takes care of it?
Yes it's effecting air and paint flow. And it's not in the cup I think most of it is just behind nozzle and that's what causing my issue. I am willing to polish a needle because I have 2 but I only have white jewelers rough not sure if it's to harsh.
The air flow shouldn't be affected as it flows around the nozzle not thru it, I would also re-clean the airbrush with a good soak of the
restorer to all the parts involved and when re installing make sure to seal all the threads with bees wax(chapstix works too) and try it again,if that didn't do it then try the polished needle
I will watching nephew today but when I get home I'll soak nozzle and get it out then reassemble.