Paint suitable for motorcycle helmets



Can anyone recommend the best paint to use on motorcycle helmets. Cheers
Wicked, Auto Air, ETac, Trident, and more, any water based will work, some are just more UV resistant. Wicked, AA, ETac are great for helmets. Just make sure whatever you use to have a good clear over it. Then theres ways the urethane paints. A good urethane clear should b used for durability.

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I use E'tac for just about everything, but any of those mentioned above will work fine. I always use a 2k automotive clear over them. I don't mess with the stuff myself, but have a couple of local body shops who will spray them for me for $25. I used lacquer on them, but the 2 part clears hold up so much better.
For waterbased paints- Wicked has very good lightfastness ratings, and has a very tough base. Sprays pretty well, too. E'Tac also has high lightfastness, but if you use the EFX, you have to be a bit more careful with it until cleared. It's designed to be re-wettable and to be used with scratching and erasing techniques, which is awesome if you use those techniques, but also can be an issue if you're not careful with it (I think the AG additive is supposed to "toughen up" the base).
I'm not a fan of Auto Air, but it can certainly be used (I'm just scarred from using so many of it's terrible early formulas. Too many botched paint jobs will leave a bad taste in your mouth).
There is always the option of water-borne paints, like PPG Envirobase, Matrix Aqualusion, or any of the other numerous paint companies systems.

For solvent paint, I usually stick with House of Kolor, PPG, or Matrix. I used to like Xotic's paints, but apparently they went out of business without letting anyone know. Pretty much any quality solvent-based system can be used, though.

Definitely finish it with a 2k clear coat, or see if a local body shop can clear it for you if you don't have the proper equipment.
Thanks for all the answers nice when everbody gives consistent answers. Cheers
Hello everyone! You all just answered most of my questions. I'm a noobie. Just starting out. The airbrush hasn't even gotten here yet.

I take it you're calling "2k clear" to mean 2-part clear, correct?

I've driven myself crazy on what paints to use. I'm going to be doing RC helicopter canopies, which is outside a lot like a motorcycle helmet. I was looking at the Createx paints, like Wicked and Auto Air, but wasn't sure if they were the right paints to use for what I'm doing. Are they? I also need a clear coat over the paint job afterwards. One that would hold up to modeling nitromethane fuel too. Is there a 2-part clear that someone could recommend me that would work with Createx paints and protect against nitro fuel, and not cost an arm and a maybe in a quart or pint size? I've heard people using casting resin thinned down and that works. I haven't tried it myself, but I bought some just to try it out on something.

Thanks everyone!
I use Wicked paint also. Its all I use...oh look at that!! I already commented lmfao!! Whoops!! Damn alcohol lolol
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Ok, I've kinda decided on the Wicked and Auto Air lineup of paints. Can anyone tell me if there is a problem between using them and HOK's 2K Speed Urethane Clear on top? THe spec sheet says no problem, but was wondering if anyone else has experience could verify that for me.