Painting fishing rods?


Zach Moore

Hello, I am looking to start building some custom fishing rods, some people have their rod blanks painted with 2k automotive systems, however since I am looking to sell the rods I create having a shop paint them will add a lot of expense and although I have a large compressor I don't have anywhere suitable to use as a spray booth for such toxic paints. What I'm looking to see is if anyone has any recommendations for a durable paint that could be used in an indoor spray booth with an airbrush gun. The paint would have to hold up to the flexing of a fishing rod and also to a lot of exposure to the sun. I have been looking at some of the paints from wicked customs by createx but their line does not include a clear coat that I can find.
Wicked would be my choice, but your issues will be the clear coat. A Urethane clear would be fine I believe but I wouldn't spray that inside and the do your eyelets and wrapping after the clear. Then use a good lacquer over the thread wrap. I don't know if there would be an issue between the clear and the lacquer though.

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So are you looking to do a custom paint then clear over top or are you talking just about the clear coat over the whole rod? If you look through the technical details on the createx page you'll see it needs to be top coated. That will be a 2 pack (2k is one of many) clear coat.
What about using the createx 4030 of their new "clear" 4040