Painting in a basement :(



So the only real place i can set up a station is in my basement were i game and am most the time anyways lol

I am just worried about the paint particles and all that jazz...My basement has an open stair case (no door) that leads straight to the next level. WIll the particles make it up that far that i have to be worried? I can wear a mask while im down painting than leave the area for a bit after painting.

Also, humidity is a big issue down here, so what steps do i need to take to ensure it doesnt effect my art?

I paint in my basement. If you are worried about particles wear a mask. You can also get a cheap 20" box fan and tape a 20x20 furnace filter to it , attatch it to the inlet of the fan, with the arrow on the filter pointing towards the fan. You will be suprised how much it catch's . Are you only spraying water based paint? Anythin else I would spray outside.

If humidity this time of yeat becomes an issue you may want a dehumidifier. This is what I use when it gets too damp but then my basement is finished.

I moved into the basement last winter and will only go back to the garage to spray the nasty stuff or really large things like a car .

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particles in the air can take days to settle dont rely on that . setup a closed area and vent that tru a filter ( wearing a mask here is an obligatory thing due to cramp space. )
Im pretty sure I will be using only water based paint. I will be wearing the mass regardless, I was more concerned about particles traveling up to other living spaces, and me going back down to game after painting or what not.

Think I will try the fan idea, the point is to just catch the particles in the filter right?