Painting Metallic on Lexan



Hey guys,

Need some advise on this. How do I get the metallics to look right. I'm painting on plastic sheet at the moment to trial out the metallic flake. I'm using Fasglitter in Trident neutral base. I painted this using a single action brush at about 40 psi. The coverage to me seems sparse. I also had some reducer in the paint, I think I need to not use it next time. Ignose the mark in the "lavender" at the end, someone (not me, small person :D) knocked over a paper towel roll before the paint had dried.


The backing colours are opaque being black, white, blue, green, violet, pink. I suspect I should back with a transparent colour for the best effect.

Any advice on doing this would be very welcome.


You could use a gun with a larger nozzle so you don't have to reduce, otherwise you'll have to build up the layers. If you want a blanket glitter look, then a flake gun which just sprays the glitter onto wet paint so it sticks, and then gets cleared is the way to go. They are pretty expensive though. Am looking into adapting an undercoat gun to do this, which is way cheaper.
Thanks Squishy. I think with the gun I have for this I can forego the reducer as it has a largish nozzle (basically a needle and seat type arrangement) Im not going to have enough paint to do large areas from the look of it. Each of those was about 10-15ml of paint.