Painting over an illustration board?



I have two fairly large pieces of hot press illustration board that I started painting on and made some unfixable mistakes. Createx white and Wicked white won't cover them sufficiently to use again so I was wondering if I sprayed them with Krylon rattle can paint if it would make a suitable surface to paint on. I'm not being cheap, I have to order all mine online and I'm just trying to save the hassle of doing that.
I do...but then that's me lol I keep several cans of black and white primer (rattle cans) on hand so I can reuse pieces ive started and messed up on and don't feel like running out to store. I use flat black and white because it is what I like but you cold use black, white, grey, ect. I'm actually going to be making a paint rack and a chart of each color over each base/primer to give quick access to a given color requirement and will let me know which base looks best for each.
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I also saw recently krylon makes a spray gesso.

hmmmmm, never heard of that one.

I actually like using brush on gesso, it allows me to create directional texture. Makes airbrushed paintings look painted. :)