painting over black


Air-Valve Autobot!
I need to paint a line of colour across several different colours but mostly black I have already painted. Is the best method to spray whites first as a base , then go over the white with my chosen colour ? So that the colours underneath do not show through.
If your using opaque color then it doesn't matter, just build it up by going over the line until its 100% that colors intensity..If you want it to really stand out use the method Seamonkey mentioned followed up by a transparent color, it will pop more..You can base opaque color with a white base m8 so it gets to its full intensity faster and easier but its not essential, it is though with trans colors..GL
Adding to RebelAir and Seamonkey's advice... White is not always the best base to use either... Depends on what color you plan to spray on top of it. Example: Spraying a bright red over a white base can leave the red looking more pinkish. A yellow base is better suited for a bright red for two reasons... (1) the red will cover yellow faster saving materials and (2) the red will be brighter and look red.

Just something to think about...