Painting Plastic with HOK


Double Actioner
Hi all, I want to paint some plastic. Nothing fancy, maybe a brushed aluminum or carbon fiber effect.. The plastic that I am painting has m1-5-b on the other side. Is that the kind of plastic? I also bought the HOK kandy kit on line with an adhesion promotor.. Thinking of using the adhesion promotor, painting it, and using a clear coat. The kandy kit, it says base coat in the description for each color, is this because it is mixed with an intercoat so it can be easily sprayed through a airbrush? When I think of base coat, I think of like a primer. I just want to make sure what I am buying is the glossy stuff that you can make things have a lot of dimension with and it's the kandys that everyone else uses when they use HOK paint.. Also, I was thinking about using automotive acrylic clear for a cheap clear coat.. Any no-no's with that? I am doing reach and watching videos.. Want to acquire as much info on this as I can.. I want to buy 2K clear, and will probably order it.. Just curious if the auto clear coat would work too.. Hope this isn't the type of plastic that I need to flame treat..



Is it alright to use HOK paint on top of an automotive lacquer paint? HOK is urethane based right? What about enamel under HOK?