painting roses



Hi all

I would love some advice on airbrushing roses.
I have done with a mask but would appreciate some tips.


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High lights on the pedals would help a lot , A member named Visual Realm painted a beautiful rose for his wife which inspired a lot of us on the forum to paint a rose.
Here is a link to the rose he painted it may help you on your quest ..
Over all yours does look like a rose ,

Here is a link to my attempt at a not laugh too hard..
thanks Herb

It was my third attempt ever (apart from tats)- and i still consider myself VERY new to this art. sooo much to learn and i love the help and advice on this forum
rose-l.jpgthis one, i did on my bathroom wall... started with pencil to line it up from a picture, then the black line all around then the shades
The easiest way to paint a rose is to use a mask, especially in the rose itself. This way you can get clean crisp edges on each pedal. Work from the inside of the rose out and pay attention to the tones of color between each pedal to give it depth. Just cutout each pedal and work each section as you go. Once you get them all mapped out then you can comeback and make any changes freehand to soften any edges if needed and make any tonal changes also.
Another tip is is youre painting on a white, and the rose is red, hit the sections with a coat of orange, then hit it with the red. This will stop the red from shifting to pink being on white and will give you a real rich red.
Hope this helps a bit!