Painting scale models



Can anyone recommend a good (fairly cheap) gun for a beginner to start painting models?
And where to buy one online in the Czech republic?
good luck on the models.... lol... I used to paint ceramic stuff years ago and thought about using my AB to do a couple now. Not until I get better on paper that for sure.

As far as "cheap" make sure to research the problems folks have had with the "cheap" ones. As far as for the Czech Republic I am of no help. These folks here talk about import taxes and such and I have never run into that, wouldn't even know how to start looking into it.
Thanks. Yeah it's quite a skill, I definitely need more practice!
I would go for a recognized brand. The lower end brand brushes, although more expensive, are way better than any cheap ones you will get, and you will be able to get spares for them much easier. Cheap ones tend to be poorly manufactured, which makes them much harder to use, and parts for them are not durable. You will most likely spend more money trying to get one to work properly, and then end up buying another one anyway. You could get lucky, an get a good one, but even so parts won't last, so you are better off spending little more to begin with. I would choose a brand that is easy for you to be able to get parts for. As you are going to be painting models, a gravity fed or side fed brush might be better than a siphon fed. Not sure what scale your models are, but a bottle underneath the gun might get in the way? Just a thought. Also will you want to use waterbased paint or urethane? Solvents damage seals, so if you do want to use them, you will want a gun that has Teflon seals. Iwatas do, not sure about oter brands.
the Harder and Steenbeck infinity comes standard with Teflon seals, and from Germany I don't think that would be too much of a problem for the Czech Republic? BUT make sure of your supplier, be they online or local, you want to be able to get parts easily :)
An Iwata Eclipse HP-CS gravity feed 0.35mm needle/nozzle set up. You can get them here in Holland for around €120 to €130. It's a fantastic beginners airbrush and the professionals use them as a workhorse. I love my Eclipse HP-SBS which is the side-feed version. I'm pretty sure it has Teflon seals so you can use water based or solvent based paints. With this airbrush you will get great coverage and after some practise you'll be able to do very good detail work on your models and it will last you a very, very long time :)

I don't know what airbrushes are available to you in the Czech Republic but I would look and see if you can get an Iwata.

If not, tell us what kind of airbrushes you can get in your country and what parts are easily available and we could help you better.
Cheers Mel