Painting tpu plastic


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Hi all!

I was wondering if any of you have painted tpu plastic. How did you prep it or did you and how clearcoat worked out?

I painted and clearcoated one time phone cover that was kind of hard plastic but very thin and flexible. I was nervous about clearcoat but in the end just adding more flexible additive to my clear solved things out. Now Im thinkin could this same method work on tpu? Im still not sure about adhesion tho...

Thanks for your wise words!
Sorry I didn't understand what TPU plastic is so I kinda skipped this thread
I think you are referring to Thermoplastic polyurethane, Wet sand ,HOK AP01 adhesion promoter (I have not found anything else that really work for this type of plastic) Base coat , art work , 2k clear . On this one I do suggest using urethane due to the addition of needing a flex additive .
I use HOK but there are other brands too.
I`m pretty sure some of the helmets i have painted are Thermo blah blah blah. I just remove ALL gloss, apply wax and grease remover, prime with auto primer, light sand, apply artwork, apply 2 triple header coats of acrylic clear coat, cut back and polish. Result is a gloss finish you can see your face in. But with a face like mine that`s not a good idea. Cheers from down under.
Thermoplastic is very flexible and rubberlike. And without any flex additives i would say paint and clear would crack. So i kind of answered my own question. I just thought if someone had already painted this kind of plastic.[emoji4]

I was thinking painting a thermoplastic phone cover and with phone covers you cant use 1k clear. Or you can of course. But i highly recommend 2k since people throw their phones and 2k stays nicer looking for the long run. Anyways I appreciate all of your suggestions. I think you are right. Just normal procedure like @Mr.Micron said. I think Im gonna give it a try and of course come back and tell how it went. Thanks all! [emoji3]
I have found you want a paint that you can add the flex additive too . I have tried with wicked and everything else having the flex additive and when you put it on the (in your case phone) mine was for a tablet. The wicked seemed to show signs of cracking under the clear. No signs of crack in the clear just in the wicked paint.
But I was doing it as a test as well.
@BRUSHAHHH What Acrylic clear is that you use mate?
Hi mate, i just go to my car accessories store and buy a litre of automotive single pack clear. Dilute it with good quality thinners one part clear to one and a half parts thinners. I cut it back after its hardened for 3/4 days with 1200 grit wet and dry, then 1500/2000 with soapy water. Then i apply cut and polish cream and up comes your mirror shine. then a wax polish. Lot of hard work but it gets results. I`m only a mug but it works for me. . Brushahhh.
Thanks for that @BRUSHAHHH I was looking at acrylic clear a while ago but I'm basically too lazy to do the trials ..... I like the idea of acrylic as opposed to 2 pack ..... :)
Thanks for that @BRUSHAHHH I was looking at acrylic clear a while ago but I'm basically too lazy to do the trials ..... I like the idea of acrylic as opposed to 2 pack ..... :)
As long as you dont need the chemical resistance of 2k. Acrylic laquers give an incredible shine. They also spray a little thinner. And they cure out very very fast and buff out easier. Also cheaper. However they are still very toxic, so suit up!
Thanks for that :)
Sorry about the late reply .... hectic life sometimes .....