Paints and reducers



Hi all,

So im a bit curious as to what paints are of better quality and also, i bought two bottles by mistake i have no idea what they are.

One is Createx Illustration base, Secon one is Createx Retarder. I tried mixing them in but feel like the paint gets harder to work with.

I tried two different brands so far Golden and Createx, i kind of like Golden because its more liquid but im guessing it wont last as long as the Createx.

For the most part i will be painting on wood, paper, plastic but maybe metal from time to time so i guess i need a sturdy setup of paints ?

Also when im done with something on paper is there something i could spray on to get the colors to pop more because its quiet matte when done which in some cases may look better :)

Thanks in advance just bubbling with questions and got to let them out before bursting :)
I'm pretty sure the Illustration base just make the paint more transparent and the retarder just slows down drying time. Non are really reducers. I'm sure you can use the illustration base as a top coat. Some paper absorb more paint so you will never get a real gloss.
As AndreZA stated the illustration base is to make the paint more transparent . With the Createx Illustration paint you want to get some W500 to reduce it . The W500 is so far the best reducer Createx has made .
Golden is a good brand ,
Spectra-Tex(by Badger ) work pretty much straight out the bottle
mainly there is not what paint is the best , Kind of like which airbrush is the best... It is what works for you and how you paint..