im just wondering if paint makes a difference ie opaque and transparent.
im useing apague black but have real problems getting my blends to work and the blend exercise.

ive also fownd out that i need to get a watter trap just before the brush i think? ive got a trap on the comp just before the hose going into the brush but still got a random splutter when the comp got hot :(

thx in advance for any help :)
Over reduce it or get transparent. When I started. I only had. Bottle of transparent black for like the first two months. You can do some good practicing because you have to build your colors with transparent.

you really should get the trap, does you compressor have a tank? if so make sure you drain it often. i agree with Dylan, reduce your paint more and work slower and lighter with the trigger. the whole key to airbrushing is to build up your colors and not just worring about getting that color you want in one shot. transparents absolutly have to be work slow and build them up, but they are the best in my mind...... but i prefer urethanes hands down.
Put a hose between the compressor and water trap also mount the trap low and let gravity help you out also. If you have it farther away from the compressor it lets the water vapor cool down and change back into water, keeping more water out of your air system.