Gravity Guru
Which is best recommended all around? The Createx line or Spectra Tex line of paint. Thanks. I mostly plan on working on woods, papers, plastics, maybe metals too in time.
Between those two I'd go the spectra tex..Although Etac is sweet (Smells like bubblegum too LOL), heard good things about comart, you also have the wicked air and auto air lines that many use..Trident is another goodie..Few to look int,o but ultimately try out a few and see what works best for you..GL
It's real hard to suggest a good all-round type of paint as they all have their specific uses.
I agree with RebelAir when he says that you should try out a few and find some you like, but it can be expensive, depending on where you live.
Some are better than others for certain media and it will depend on what you'll paint on most.
Finally entering the world of color. I'm gonna crack these open as soon as I'm done with my current project dedicated to Mr. Micron. lol.
do NOT mix original createx textile paint with the AA or wicked line. AA and wicked are all compatible, but the original cheap createx isn't compatible at all, not even the reducer. The have a different chemical makeup and it isn't the same stuff. Basically createx textile is just that, a cheap t-shirt craft paint, everything else made by createx is compatible with each other down the line.
I didn't mean actually mixing the paints. I was talking about using the different paints on the same project.