what paints do u guys think is the best for painting on cars and why?, i am starting to do some work :rapture: and my paints dont stand out as much as i would of hoped :chargrined: x
Hi welcome to the site, hows about an introduction so we can all greet you and spread the love.
heyy, thanks for the reply :triumphant: i am have been airbrushing a short while and love all the work on here =]

Jess x
If you wanna paint airbrush designs on cars the best would be a urethane paint system for sure like House of colors or similar ones. But if you wanna go waterbased then there is only Wicked, Auto Air and Trident i would think.
I know some people also use Schmincke and such colors for cars that are more for illustration works, but i think they are more tricky to use and some of them are not as lightfast since they are not specialy made for that use.
justme it will be for airbrush designs.


stranger375 thanks alot yh i have looked into house of colour coz i herd good things of them the only thing was tht they dont ship all colours to the Uk only the basic ones so i wanted to use a company or brand tht i cud get any and every colour from :/
take a look at those paints. I found them on ebay from a german shop. They are also urethane automotive paints and that german airbrush shop is using them for their works too.
Its a paint made in UK so there should be no problem to get them for you.
thanks alot, i no a few ppl tht have sprayed full cars with there paints but i wasnt sure about there airbrush ones but i will have a look into it =D
Hi there, I paint bikes and to get my colours to pop, I generally do all my detail work in white (over a dark base,) and then use transparent colours. I use Wicked/Wicked detail, and then a good 2pac urethane clear.
Is there a dark base extender like there is a white one squishy?
I have been using Trident with no issues at all on bike tanks etc then cleared with a good 2k clear . However if you want lots of ready made colours you may wish to try another brand .I mix my own so its not an issue .I also use colours from my automotive waterbased colour scheme with great results .