Pancake Compressor fittings


Michael Hendricks

I have a pancake compressor and a new Badger 2 stage airbrush. I have been to two auto parts stores in search of fittings and have not be able to get the correct ones. Where would you suggest to go to find fittings to connect the pancake compressor to a regulator gauge/water filter then to the 1/8" fitting for the air brush. Thanks.
If it is the part I think you mean( going from airbrush hose fitting"1/8" to the compressor fitting "1/4" they can be purchased from Chicag0airbrushsupply or Coastairbush sell them.
Typical airbrush hose is 1/8-28 BSP straight cut thread. Most are based on an Iwata type hose. Badger uses a smaller thread on their airbrushes. Also a metric thread. It is far easier to order a proper adapter than to try and find it locally.
How do I determine the proper adapters I will need? I tried looking online to the stores listed in a previous post and I am still really confused.
You might be better going to a hardwear store like ace or home depo and look in the plumbing dept. for the regulator and water seperator look in the air tool dept. at home depo if you can't find it ask someone there.
I get most of my airbrush plumbing from ACE Hardware. All of my hoses and airbrushes have the quick disconnects (Chicago Airbrush Supply). I have an 8 gal shop compressor and a pancake and these have industrial quick disconnects fitted to my Iwata hoses on 1 end and the AB disconnect on the other. This allows me to AB where ever I can. In the basement, I have the small quiet AB compressors - winters are cold here. Having extra hose set-ups just makes life easier...
@AndreZA Thanks for the pic Andre, really useful. Maybe you could post this in the beginners airbrush questions section? It's a fairly common question and I think would help lots of people.

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There are actually two or three different types of 1/4" quick disconnect fittings, as well. When you purchase parts, be sure that they are all the same type, and then remember to purchase the same type later on when you expand your inventory.