Paper/cardbox preparation


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Hi , I want to know wich is the correct way to prepare paper/cardobard to painting and have good erase/scratching chances.

I was thinking in cover it with a layer of white primer and sanding it , I don't know if is that correct ...
Check out youtube for Jeff Miracola. Since i've not posted I can't post the link. It's about the "Winged Wraith". He has another where he uses watercolor paper but does not show exactly how he prepares the back side to prevent curling. I've not tried this technique.
if it is watercolor paper what i do is soak it and them i put it in newspaper to take off the excess and then i place in a board with masking tape with some force and wait it goes dry.illustration board i don´t do any preparation since it can work fine for me.common paper i do use xerox 24 lb paper,because it can handle quite fine with all the papers and cardboards i place masking tape all the sides, completely,because THIS IS THE WAY to prevent the paper from curling,as a matter of fact, it is the only way.

hope this helps!!!
love the video!!!thanks people,another motive for loving you!!!:tears_of_joy: