Paper test



A mate of mine has access to a almost endless supply of paper... he has given me a couple of types to try out.
Both have a glazed side and a dull side and is used by huge printers to do posters and the like.
Which side would be best for painting on. Not sure which is even printed on, but ifs its any good I have a wicked supply of sheets upto A0.
Paint on both side and see which one handles paints , erasing , scratching better.
Ok.... Just had a little blast on the shiny side... using autoair transparent smoke black..... Now I'm not sure what the paper is or owt.. but its bloody good... erases nicely and gives a lot of control (good for me). It scratches ok too for paper.. I think the shiny helps to stop paper damage as long as your careful.
I'm gonna have a word n see if I can get some sorted, maybe send some out to a few others to try :)

I'll find a picture to paint now and try something complete to test fully... be back in 3 weeks 2 days 4 hours or so lol
i have rolls of used Plans that i paint on the back side foe has wat you @littlerick has mentioned a smoother side(printed) and then the back side...the place where i work throws old plans away all the time ..hence FREE PAPER YEA :) ...the only problem i had was when i sprayed clear the plans bleed thru...kinda a cool effect tho....
Sounds like large sheets of photo paper, shinny side gets printed on.
Ah but anything that's free and keeps you painting must be good:thumbsup:
Let's face it, we're all cheapskates at heart and the call to "FREE" stuff attracts us like mice to cheese! Lmao!lollol:thumbsup:
Been bashing paint on this stuff and going back with eraser and blade. Its pretty good for scratching, even going in pretty heavy with the blade the paper has remained good. Not painted a picture still, slack bugga! Only problem I have had is the tape I used to fix it down kinda stuck a bit to well and pulled the glaze off.... lo-tac tape a must!
Hope this helps you understand our jargon....... its in mm by the way hehe


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