Ok so what type of paper to use to practice and do pictures on? I use white watercolor paper pads that I bought at target for 2.00. But I want black. I was using black poster board that I cut to about 11x14. Looking for a cheap and easier alternative. More for practice. I cannot justify a few dollars per page to practice on.
This is what I use

Copy Paper(dirt cheap) - Dots, Daggers, Lines and Fades
Construction Paper(black and white) - Practice pieces where I am using only airbrush and stencil techniques
Bristol Board - Finished Pieces and Erasing/Scratching practice
Your already onto it m8, cheap cardboard, poster paper pads/sketch books, printer paper etc are all fine for practice and even the odd practice project..personally I think along similar lines as mentioned above..For selling i would def go up to the higher quality stuff as few will pay for anything painted on cardboard..Also consider trying metal, just base it clear the base to protect it and paint away, you can clean it at the end of a session with thinners so ultimately its a re-usable whiteboard for airbrushing on :)
RebelAir and jagardn are very helpful! You could use just about anything for practice. And if you want it black just rattle can it. Affordable, easy.
And if like me you have a very understanding wife, you can also use her, and she is reusable, and if you don't simply borrow the neighbours, but be sure to return her or you can't ask to borrow anything else again, lol
I use paper towels. When I try to use regular copy paper the paint splatters and runs all over the page. Paper towels seem to be the only thing that absorbs the paint well.

I have tried turning my PSI down to go on regular paper but the colors come out dismal and blurry. I like my colors to be nice and sharp.
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My question is what is your goal as far as surfaces you are looking to paint.
Canvas , Metal panels(ie cars bike tins ) or just everything?
Reason I am asking is because paint acts different on each surface.
Dollar tree has packs of color construction paper for a dollar or poster board I think they are 20 X 30 . for a buck.
Or if you are looking to do metal ,Old License plates or anyother metal you find laying around . I have been collect pieces from car wrecks that are left laying around on the road.
Thanks for all of the replies. I am just learning now. I would like to learn to ab on mc metal and autos. But since I am learning the easiest and cheapest is paper. I bought at hobby lobby the other day watercolor and black postor board at 2 for 1 dollar. I cut postorboard down to 11x14 inches. So I get 4 boards per one big board. Then I have front and back to learn with. It is a different way to paint on black than it is white. So I practice on both.