Part 2. Tutorials: Getting Real With Airbrush Textures!

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The Part 2 Tutorials:
Once you've mastered how to control an airbrush and you've had enough practise that you're getting bored with your artworks - then it's probably time to look at getting real. With airbrush textures I mean.
There are thousands of textures you can create with an airbrush and this tutorial list will continue to grow.
What I have included here is the one fundamental texture that is in your best interest to master - the figure 8 texture.

Four of the most common airbrush textures that you need to know. Covering the figure 8 texture, lateral texture, hair texture & introducing the idea of micro shapes.
**Introduction to airbrush textures!

How to airbrush a simple and effective rock texture! This introduces you to the splatter effect and is demonstrated using application tape - a common masking material among signwriters.
**How to airbrush rock texture

How to airbrush a very realistic looking wood texture! This texture looks so realistic that it's difficult to believe it's not wood. Take a look at what a friend and I did with this same texture:
**How to airbrush wood texture

Includes all of the tutorials shown at
**Airbrush Tutorials
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