Parts cheaper overseas


Sketchy Pete

Not sure where to post this but here it is

I've needed some parts for 2 airbrushes both Iwata one hpc+ & the other an eclipse. I checked everywhere local and even made calls to a couple to see if they were interested in matching prices I could get online ( one especially because they were an online only store here in Aust) Nobody wanted to match any pricing so I placed my order over seas in the USA. I needed needles fluid nozzles and caps for both brushes. I eventually purchased for around $130 including freight from USA what it was gonna cost me almost $200 for here in Aust. I can't understand why if you have an online store in Aust why you would have so much more mark up on your items when after all being online only puts you smack bang in the global market. I understand that there may be addition costs that can raise prices but there was a huge saving to be made buying over seas. I guess what I'm saying here is if your after parts shop around it pays.

And if any of you Aussie retailers out there especially the online only stores read this....... WAKE UP........ You can't bend us over all the time
I know what you mean. Here in South Africa a Micron cost 25% more then in the Netherlands and that is after shipping has been included. The normal H&S Infinity 2-in-1 is almost $100 more here then the CR Plus 2-in-1 plus an extra needle and extra nozzle including shipping from the EU. My Iwata straight shot hoses were 50% of what they cost here. And then I'm not even talking about the stuff we do not get here. But on the other hand our Com-art paints are cheaper then what I can get it overseas and our local guys gets it to me in 2 weeks.