parts for AIRPRO 1 compressor



i have an AIRPRO 1 studio compressor that i bought in the late 80's. it has worked flawlessly since but i have someone lost the intake air fliter with the metallic screen. i believe the company has been out of business for several years and dont know if anyone possibly picked up the line under a new name.AIRPRO was based in yorba linda,ca. the units i believe were made in italy. they are great compressors. if anyone out there knows about parts for these units i would greatly appreciate hearing from you. if not i will have to fashion a replacement part somehow. thank you very much.

david kidd
I also have an AirPro 1 compressor and have been looking for parts. No help for you but at least here's a reply.
You might try an intake filter for a single cylinder engine (lawnmower).