Pasche vl air valve housing removal

I couldn't add them to my order. I had ordered some parrts from OpenTip. Samll order and they took PayPal. Prices were great and it just shipped, so I'll keep everyone posted. I attached the prices and the shipping info. It shipped from Kenosha, WI! Paasche?
They moved into a facility in Kenosha several years ago, now. I think they had moved from Chicago, to someplace just north of the metro area, then across the state line to Wi. I think they are just about 60 miles from where they started - big tax break across the state line.
I did get the new style trigger. The one with the O ring on the end, not the old style that has a piston on the end. I still get a small amount of air leaking from the trigger slot. However.... as mentioned above there is nothing that to prevent air getting into the brush body. 1