Pearlized paint problem



I am new to airbrushing and have had some issues with Createx pearl colors. I cannot get a consistent stream of paint. (The paint spits)
I have a dual action Iwata neo gun and an inherited continuous running compressor. (compressor does not store the air in a tank and no controlof pressure).
I’m thinking either my needle is to small (.35mm) or I need more air pressure. I have thinned the paint with water, I do not have this issue with opaque or transparent colors.
I'm also new and had a spitting issue then read the best pressure for my iwata eclipse was 40psi so I raised it from 30psi and the problem went away.
Yep , the createx pearl is thick reduce 2:1 water to paint or more and run higher pressure. I have a hard rime with it in my .5 Patriot.

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