Pearlized White



I just bought pearlized white, anyone have experience with it. Can I mix different transparent colors with it to
Get different pearlized colors.

I also got transparent base. Is this suppose to be like a clear coat.


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Hi drobbins, im not sure about if you are able to mix it with other colors to get different perlized colors, but i would think so.
The transparent base is like the binder of your color just without the color. You can add it to colors to make them more transparent
or to thicken up a over reduced color again without losing the transparency.
i think the transparet base is a base coat not clearcoat used on tshirts for insyance
You can also use the transparent base over your whole painting while your painting. Especially when working with frisket or tape. If you put a coat over the painting where your masking off , it will give you a little more room for error with a knife.
Its also good to cover up any spots in a painting that you use kandys in certain areas to keep the kandy from bleeding through to your new color. I use it when doing true fire to keep it from making it look to orange. The orange can bleed into the yellow and white very easily and you will keep chasing you highlights in the flame!
Its also good to put a coat on anything that your gonna put away and come back to work on later, its like clicking the save button on the computer.
Ok im done typing now!!
I use pearlwhite as a sort of underlayer mixed with opaqe white for other colors to pop more! fantastic when you reduce your paint 50-50 or more
I just found this text from Createx about the transparent base, its also for all the work like Seamonkey explained too. Here is the text so you can read it yourself too.

" W200 Transparent Base : colorless binder base to Wicked Colors. Use as a protective inter-coat or mix to colors over-reduced with W100 to thicken mix without losing transparency. W200 Transparent Base works great when mixed in conjunction with W100 Reducer to create very transparent colors with excellent line control and sprayability with any airbrush type and PSI settings. W200 may be added in any amount to colors and does not affect shelf-life after mixing. "
Thanks for all the great tips. I'm glad that I got both the pearlized white and transparent base. Sounds like they will both come I'm handy.

Badass, I'm glad that you gave me that information. I've really been trying to make some of my colors pop.

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pearlwhite is great to use as a grip to the other colors but be careful so you dont get pearl everywhere
I use Mother of pearl xcrylic white sometimes and if its anything like that it can be a bit hard at times to see where ya spraying it, but its definately fun using such colors as they tend to color shift nicely in different light conditions, great for highlighting effects as a top layer too :)
Drobbins if you ever get into doing any "chrome effect) painting spray transparent base over the chrome finish once it has been left the correct time to allow the tail solvents to evaporate .This will drastically improve the chrome effect once you lacquer over the project .If you lacquer straight over the chrome finishes there tends to be a big drop off in the reflectance chrome effect by using the transparent base you are creating a barrier to reduce this effect .