Phone number for Badger


Double Actioner
Anyone got a working phone number or contact for badger? I lost what I had. 800 247 2787 is on their webpage but no one answers it, not even a recording. I sent an email; no reply
Closed for the holidays maybe ?
Here in Oz, businesses don't open again til today (3rd Jan)
They could be on holiday, as many businesses are. They won't be far away.
Still strange they don't at least have an answering machine (20th century) or a " leave a message" anouncement. They that small? Oh well, manana esta una ultra dia.
Found out from Ken today, that the phones are not working properly at this time. He said please call during business hours, and that the phones are currently being worked on.
I did call today and everything is fine. Might get the brush back this weekend. I had to send out my Eclipse this morning for repair, too. Guess I'm the kiss of death on delicate brushes. Learning curve thing. Mainly I've been working on pencil sketches learning proportions and shading. Figure that will help with the brush pics. I just started this artsy kick a couple months ago as a change of pace. Here's a couple practices I did last nite


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All practise is good practise, I've bought pencils for those moments when I can't hook up the air... still haven't used them yet lol