"picke attac" on T-shirt


Needle-chuck Ninja
Good time of a day to everyone whom it is going to be a kind of useful!
Trying to reach and expact what you may got after a long time of thinking and experimenting -it isn't a wasted time any way:got you what you want or just another way about... Experience cost time... Patience pays... :malicious:
Here I go. The theme was not a new for me but every stand and pose play a part of all picture, of couse. And you need to look for or create something that looks "cool" and "could be done". I've thought that way.
My sketch was made from photo I've found on Inernet, pice of backing paper, marker and monitor... the same old story, sorry I couldn save it to show here.
Pure white & water 50*50 spayed over an image several times shows you an outlines of a figure. Cut some holes in paper and apply a glue-tape over open spaces- it will be enough to fix the mask on a T-shirt or take it away -and-back while you work with it. I heard, to smooth the "white" drop there blue, but in case of blue background I haven't did that.IMG_20150327_101030.jpg
I am a man of hurry things and her it can play a bad part to me... I have stared to paint the dark color and find out that it's VARY WRONG..
More light on fish to lose the focuse never be a bad idea. The dark here is the mix of opaque blue, yellow and red. To achive the good reading between light spots on it's body I took a bit of yellow to the white and paint some of them carfully, not all but some what should be closer to the head. IMG_20150327_110339.jpg
I had make a highlights around the pike wher it should be at my thinking... under water it could be reflected out of anything...light comes from up and goes back agin till surface... I think It is a BS! It is just a moment nobody will cheking it! I have never cheked what I liked here or out for usual, did you! Do what you want and win what work on! It is between you and your mind- and that is greate!
IMG_20150328_174642.jpg Use the spondge for clean the tip of airbrush and for a "backdraft", too. Press it gently (keep you eye at the fingers) to the tip, let the air blow then may twist it carful ,going to help when your fingernail as short as my.:D
Oleg, you have done a superb job on this one.
The detail is most excellent.
You have caught the light exactly where it needs to be, and the background really lifts the scene.
Thanks for describing how you did this, it's sure to be very helpful to others.
You should be proud of this one.
Thank you gays! When something exciting came on you it came around for all, too. Nice to be here!
Very Nice Oleg, I just started on t shirts myself and its a huge change for me. I know very well now how hard that detail is to achieve!
Thanks people! First I thought that it is good that someone finds your works good but when...bla bla bla...
It is great to me when you are from World find a moment OF LIFE to shear your time, mind and life whith "someone me". I promise to do the same, thanks a lot, good luck!