Pikachu kicked my butt.



K, so I'm new so go lightly on the criticism. I think I but off a lil more than I could chew at first and almost gave up a few times. The good thing is that I kept at it. Sure, he ended up in the trash a few times but my wonderful gf kept digging it out and placing it back on my easel. I'd walk in after a long day and would think..." So we meet again" and have at it. It's done with Createx opaque and a Pasche Vl .05 and a Badger Renegade Velocity .02. Long story short, I learned a crap ton from Pika about stenciling and getting my paint thinned out correctly. Pika and I are good frenz now!

Lines n Dotz, Lines n Dotz!!!
Looks good, I have found it is easier to lay it out in white then come back in with your color. It will take less paint total .
Thanks Mr. Micron! I laid out white before yellow. I used contact paper from Home Depot to mask the entire thing out. Poor mans masking but it works better on hard surfaces. Fabric if u keep your fingers on the small things to keep it down.

Lines n Dotz, Lines n Dotz!!!
AN example of how I do it...

I mainly focus on the highest spots and let the over spray give it depth, This is one I did for my wife.
Nice!! I'll be that good someday!

Lines n Dotz, Lines n Dotz!!!
I agree. You are all such amazing artists and all have such a HUGE wealth of knowledge and technique! I am learning everyday and am so thankful that everyone here is so willing to share and help.

Lines n Dotz, Lines n Dotz!!!
Hi, Flyingskwerrl.
I prefer to think of stencils as a guide line marking tool that gives us a map for what we're trying to picture.[ no pun intended!]
There seems to be a bit of discussion amongst artiists as to their validity, but for me, the above holds true.
Yes, there are techniques you need to learn to be able to correctly apply your paint through it, but a sign of talent is the ability to hide or disguise the use of one.
I'm still trying to accomplish this as are many others, so don't be put off.
As with most things, you get to a place where commercially made items don't cut it, so go ahead and make your own original stencils.
There are many tutorials and other ideas here on how to get it happening.