Please help with chrome effect



Hi all sorry I haven't been on in a while but I've been trying to do a chrome effect look like for fuel tanks and bumper's exhaust pipes of a semi . I'm just trying to get better at this if someone can help or explain what I'm doing wrong the panel that I'm doing is one of my spare computer cases. but here is a picture of what I've gotten done so far. And any help would be most grateful. 100_0670.JPG
Seems like you're on the right track. Use blues blacks and whites for a chrome effect. Look up different pictures of chrome and use your own judgement to do your tank
Chrome is one of the holy grails in airbrushing.
What I do is trawl the net for pictures and continually look at things like towel rails and display cabinets in shops and - well anything Chrome.
If you REALLY look at chrome there are three dominate colours.
Black, white and grey and then there is the reflections. but the REALLY important thing is in order to have REALLY sharp lines and edges to indicate a shiny surface.
Hit up YouTube too. I have been looking into Chrome a lot lately and have seen some pretty cool tutorials on there. It will at least give you a grasp go what the colors are supposed to be.