Plotter problems



Hi all, my first time using a plotter. My clear transfer paper for transferring cut graphics is not lifting them off the vinyl. The blade is the right depth and cuts right through the vinyl . Would appreciate any suggestions on what might be wrong. Cheers from down under.
I'm not familiar with plotters but when it's cut, is there a backing paper on the rear over an adhesive still? If so I recently cam across a good trick, a small bit of tape on either side, close but not sticking to each other, then pull them apart, that will remove the backing...
If the vinyl weeds properly it is not a plotter problem. It is either old vinyl and the glue is sticking to the backing or the application tape is not strong enough.
Use the side of a Popsicle stick or a plastic putty knife and push the transfer tape onto the vinyl...remove the transfer tape slowly watching closely as you pull it up and apply more pressure to the tape as you go if it does not stick....Transfer tape is a low adhesive which allows you to remove it easily after your vinyl is on the project...
Thanks, i think you may be right about the age of the vinyl. The plotter and the vinyl was given to me. I don`t think the vinyl has been used for ages. I will try a new roll. Thanks for your comment. Brushahhh.
Thanks everyone for advice. Yes the problem was the vinyl. Cut out some shapes with my normal masking film , and transfer paper worked perfect. Happy chappy now.