Plotter woes



Hi all. does anyone know a good software program to use with a Creation plotter.
Coreldraw and Illustrator are the most used programs I think to make vector images and both have a "plot" option so in theory could be used to plot stuff.

I say in theory as a lot of plotters will not take commands or will refuse to install to these programms and requier their own software. This software will than have somekind of import option alowing you to use coreldraw and illustrator files.

The "briliant" sales trick here often is that you get the "standard" software with your plotter which allows you to do some basic stuff and need to upgrade the software to be able to use the above mentioned programms.

When I bought my plotter I was pretty naive and thought all software that alowed to make vector images could beused, as it turned out I needed to upgrade the basic software to do that (which would cost me 2,5 times what the actual plotter had cost me).

My advice to anyone buying a plotter ever since is make very sure what sofware can be used by default with it (as they will go out of their way to avoid mentioning this).

If the above prog's don't work with your plotter and you don't have an import option (or it's greyed out) I'm afraid you'd have to contact the manufacturer to find out how you can get that to work. Downloading software for plotters is next to impossible, its a too small market to have pirated software for it that works for any specific machine.
It would help to know the series and model number. There are Corel Draw plugins for at least some of the series.
Thanks fellas, luckily i had this plotter given to me and it has hardly been used. Unfortunately my son-in-laws dad owned it and has passed away. My son-in-law does not know what program his dad used. I have Corel Suite 11 and that includes Corel Draw so i may be able to work something out. I believe Artcut 2005 came with some Creation CT 630 plotters. Anyhow, i think downloading drivers for it is going to be a big enough headache at the moment. Thanks for all comments and i`m back to the drawing board. LOL.
Further to my question about plotters. This Creation plotter i was given came with power cable and a normal printer USB cable . Do i also need the Signal cable which has the blue multiple pin plug on one end and USB plug on the other. Probably a dumb question, but never had a plotter before and can`t wait to use it. Happy New Year to all.
I have a Summa Cut D620 Plotter (old but immortal, it is like Mercedess in plotters class), and i using Corel Draw to make vector projects to cut saved in .EPS files, and next transfer into WinPlot (its Utility for Summa Cut Plotters).
I worked also on Adobe Illustrator but i think that Corel Draw is better software.