Double Actioner
In case you haven't seen my current project, I am painting the side of an arcade cabinet I'm building from scratch. It is sanded plywood, I think birch. It's not completely flat. I sanded it but you can see a small amount of wood grain. To prep it after finish sanding I used Rustoleum primer. I think I sprayed it with my Devilbiss spray gun. I definitely used it to spray the Rustoleum flat black over that.
I'm kinda taking a chance with the Rustoleum. I was uncertain what kinda reactions the paints I'd be using will have. So far painting over it with createx acrylics has been fine. To make it perfect I really should have applied filler over the whole surface and sanded it flat, but this is an arcade not an expensive car. That plus I didn't want to spend a lot of time on it.
Fast forward a year! I'm about 3/4 the way through this painting and I'm starting to think about the clear that will be going over everything. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with Rustoleum and acrylic over wood and what will work. I want a deep gloss like an automotive finish but I don't want to be mixing and spraying urethane paint in my basement if I can help it. I've been using Createx balancing clear over my artwork to help protect it and bind it while I'm working on it. I'm not sure if a layer of this would protect the acrylic underneath from reacting with a clear coat???

On other pieces of this cabinet which were only painted with the rustoleum I used a clear I found at a tractor supply store nearby. It looked great, however there were spots where I think I sprayed it too heavily which reacted with the Rustoleum and I got a little fish-eye. I think thinner layering and this wouldn't have happened. I'm not taking a chance with my art work though!
In all my years here I haven’t seen a mention of createx reacting with any clear coat.
BUT I would pick Createx UVLS high gloss on it. this isn’t a car clear coat but equivalen to the 2K clear and because you are working in the basement this would be my recommendation
. I’ll see if I can find the videos on it.
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