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just wondering what everyones thought was on point zero airbrushes im seeing them on amazon and they are a good deal (as long as they arent junk)
Never heard of em, To be honest most people are going to steer you to a name brand. There is a good reason for that. I personally just got a Badger Krome and the difference between that and my other somewhat cheap brushes was night and day.
Master is another Knockoff. I am Sure Meeshell can give insight to that she had a master and now uses a Badger Krome. About $80- $150 bucks gets you into a good name brand Airbrush.
Where are you located? It would help if I knew where you were and what your goals are.
Juneau Alaska not much in the way of art stores And no way to drive to another town. Basically my current goal is to paint my Star Wars helmets. I need a good price airbrush compressor combo that from someplace that won't kill me in shipping. (They act like they are shipping internationally when they ship to Alaska)
Never heard of these guys. But I will echo what has been said, on the whole (although you can get lucky) getting a recognised branded brush will not only make it easier to learn, as you won't be fighting a poor quality gun that you will have to continually coax into working, but will also save you money in the long run after you've bought one or two, and then binned them because they really aren't able to give you the quality you need, and then end up buying a decent one anyway. You really do get what you pay for with airbrushes, and it's worth spending a little more, or even waiting a little longer, to get a bit more cash together.
Yeah Shipping to Alaska is rough I know I have shipped to there before. As far as compressors go, I would buy a tank style compressor if you can deal with the noise. That is what I use. I willl do a little research and get back with you, i am sure others will chime in soon!
Unfortunately a compressor from Home Depot won't work. I live in the middle floor of an apartment complex. Need something realitively quiet but I'd rather not used canned air
Silent compressors are expensive and someone else will have to chime in on that. As for Airbrushes Chicago Airbrush Supply has entry level Iwatas for about $90 they ship worldwide but no idea on costs to Alaska. Iwata Badger and H&S would be your best bet. Knockoffs are more often a waste of money and time.
well notnecisarilysilent but just quiet
thanks for the name dropping ill check them out
There are a few threads around where have converted normal compressors to run with fridge motors, you should be able to find them with a search, and may be good for you, if you are handy with that sort of thing.
I have a point zero airbrush and I think it's great. That said I have done a lot of work to it.
If you have the tools and ability you can get very good results by deburring, sanding, honing and polishing parts of the gun (the stuff the name brand ones do for you) that said, will it ever be a Micron, No but for someone new to airbrushing I'm impressed with how well it works.

If your the type who is reticent to disassemble the gun and troubleshoot then I wouldn't recommend a knockoff.

Point zero carries replacement parts for the gun, I've had mine a few weeks and just lost the tiny o ring on the nozzle (my fault) but a "rope" of teflon tape made an excellent replacement.

If you get one, buy from Mix Wholesale (great customer service) and they have free shipping on guns and compressors (look for them on Amazon)
I started out with a Master G22, and it was a nice "learners" permit gun lol!! I was able to get alot of great daggers and dots with it. I still have it.....but, I dont hardly ever use it. Once I got the Badger Krome? I never looked back lolol!! Krome is my crack!! But, if you have a small budget, and to get your feet wet, the Master is aokay!!
I started out life with a Harbor Freight Deluxe Professional Double Action - still have it. It's OK and I use it for backgrounds & base coats. I picked through available stock checking for centered needle and semi-smooth trigger ( Some were not ). It is a "learners permit" gun. Unlike JCD, I don't have the patience to mess with it to make it a finely tuned machine. I have leaned towards Badgers, I do have an Iwata, but Badgers customer service appears more responsive. I'm not an artist, I use stencils & shields and do T shirts. I want trouble free, smooth and controllable, hence, I stick with the better quality. I have also picked up a couple of brushes on EBay, no problems, but not much of a warranty. Just my 2 cents - good luck & welcome to the forum...
Point Zero and Master are both cheap knock off airbrushes made in China and "2nd party" labeled. Same with any of the cheap airbrushes online.

Personally, I'd recommend an Iwata HP-CS. I started out with some cheap airbrushes, and have had plenty of those cheap knock offs along the way. That money would have been much better spent just getting a quality airbrush from the start.
I started with a Harbor Harbor Freight Deluxe Professional Double Action doing airbrush tattoos and body painting. It was ok for small tattoo stenciles, but horrible for body painting. It did not cover enough and you ended up with streaks. I then went to Master. It is great for stencil tattoos and non-detailed body paintings, but that is as far as I could take it. I have 5 Master airbrushes. Two gravity feeds (different color set up) and 3 siphon feeds (so I could swap them out when they stopped working in the middle of a painting and keep going). People don't like to wait for you to clean the airbrush, and I got fast at it. Complete tare down and cleaning in about 30 seconds. Now, all my airbrushes sit in a box, untouched as I pay some bills so that I can buy an Iwata HP-CH. I won't even practice with the Masters in fear that I will learn bad habits. I can't tell if the mistakes are me or the airbrush. I can't correct the mistakes of the airbrush and will only learn bad habits trying too. With that being said. If you are on a tight budget and only looking to do stencil work or painting small taped of areas, like on helmets, Master will be fine. It will run you about $20-$50. However, If you want to get into actually airbrushing, even the lowest Iwata will be better than the best knock off. I'm finding them for $90. It will be worth the money, but it really depends on your intensions.