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Hello. I'm a noob so excuse me. I polished the needle on my eclipse hp-bs and revolution cr. I also polished and installed soft springs for both guns (not the Blair ones) and tampered with the needle springs. Both guns operate heavenly. But. It seems like it threw the needles off a bit. When they get tip dry it's notorious. Also, after a few minutes of operation I have to pull the trigger farther back to get paint. One good thing is it seems like I need less air pressure to move paint. Is it me or does it seem that the air flows faster? Is this typical?
Well not sure how you polished your needle , But if you do it wrong or to high of speed it can put the end of the needle off center or the nozzle may have slipped just a hair when reinstalling it.. As far as softer springs , I really have not found a use for a softer spring on an IWATA airbrush being you can dial the spring tension down on them .
As for tip dry ?? Scratches in the needle helps aid tip dry so the more glass like finish you can get on the needle the less tip dry you will have .
Air flows at the same rate being you are not enlarging the air ports of the brush But the paint should flow smoother.

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agree with you on all that herb... one thing though... i have had a go with a micron which did have the softer (75g of pressure) spring and it was b.... e....a.....utiful
i am referring to the valve spring though.. not needle spring... as you say you can just wind that back until there is litterally no tension at all
Have to agree with Herb, probablely didn't polish the needle fine enough.

And yes Fez, the soft valve springs are a dream, I have them in all my Iwata's.
as an experienced needle damage r and polisher i can say its very easy to damage the needle. The micron needle has a compound taper it changes angle as it gets to its point I jst use a dremel polishing wheel and some compound to very lightly polish the needle and i also notice it helps with the renegade needles i do notice an especially big difference with them. However I cant recomend polishing a needle for any iwata unles you know what your doing or have a spare one day soon i will have enough cash to order extra needles and i will polish a brand new needle and compare it with an un polished needle. as for the tip dry it should not increase the tip dry . By the way the infinity needles already come with a chrome like polish to help aid tip dry. The best way I found to resolve the tip dry issue is with etac efx but i noticed when doing actual tight detailed work like my micro feathers in works in progress I still have to keep a moistened cotton ball and constantly wipe the tip.I think its just one of those things there's nothing you can do about it it will always be there. Hope this helps
Have to agree with Herb, probablely didn't polish the needle fine enough.

And yes Fez, the soft valve springs are a dream, I have them in all my Iwata's.
Dammit it Wayne now I gotta get springs LOL.. Which ones did you end up with?? Looks like the lion has the best deal even with shipping to the states .But I dont mind paying more If you are liking someone elses
I got the Zsolt springs. When I was looking, shipping was as much as the order. Still cheaper than the Dru Blair springs. Send LionArt a PM and see if he can envelope ship them for you like he did for me it saved a bunch.

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ok so am i to understand everyone likes these softer springs even marissa mentioned it in a post of hers i comented on . question is how much to ship to the us
I cant remember, but as I said earlier,PM lionart. It wasnt .39. but it wasnt the $30 the site wanted either.

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Just checked my paypal, it was like $35 for 4 springs, a valve tool and shipping, but I did get better shipping because I contacted him direct with a PM.

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Thanks for the help folks. Sorry for the delayed response, my laptop crashed after I posted this thread. ERRRRRR. I will introduce myself in the intro section. Also, I found that Paasche air valve springs work in some Iwatas. I have them in my HP-B+, Eclipse siphon feed, and Revolution Cr. I forget the part # and i'm at school so I can't check it out. They are shorter and are super soft. I messed with increasing or decreasing the tension with micro-washers. I emailed blair art for information about their soft spring and never got a response. Oh well. It saved me 90+ dollars.
I have the Zsolt springs in my Iwata HP-B+ and the Richpen Mojo and they feel great. Got them from Marissa when I took her class. saving my last one for the Micron. They are on her site if Lionart hasn't got any, Not sure about shipping though.