poor coverage




I made a big mistake. It will still fix it?I advise anyone, please?
Are you talking about the RED spot on the mouth, its not that bad. if you are it's ok. Just add another wrinkle from his scar over it with black, then lightly add some more red around the mouth, shade some wrinkles in the glove and sell that sucker, cause I love how you did this one!! It looks great!!!

I looked at this one and did'nt say anything cause i'm not sure whats up with it. Just some wrinkles on the glove. But that looks more like you just had not done that yet, cause you stopped.
I mean purple, over the face, mouth, until the green
I started working on it. Perhaps it will be good
I really love it!! I love how I bring up the picture and it looks great, but when I zoom in on it and is as if it was a good oil painting!!

I make many mistakes and I have to fix it. Helping a paint brush. Something is very small, the image is on the A4.
What you think is a mistake is an added feature to others ,what you thought was mistake did not take anything from my perception in my view it was only the unfinished glove that drew my eye from the art itself .Now if you had a look at my work then yer its full of mistakes lol .
Hi Domes, looked at your pic and you can fix it but you have to go back in with your lightest color and work your way up with all the next colors.

By the look of it you used a mask to spray the purple on the jacket and got some over spray an the other side. This is easy to avoid in the future bend the stencil and the paint won't flow on to your artwork.