Porous vs hard surfaces

Gary kidson

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Hi guys apologies if this is covered ad nauseam elsewhere but I could not find it when I searched.

I've had the usual issues with figuring out the reduction etc and finally have it comfortable on card (artists acrylic specific), but when I try to paint on a piece of plastic or metal I can't get the same details, specifically fine lines. I get far more splatter/spidering if I try go close for fine lines etc.

I've tried reducing the pressure, but then I get spitting, and thinning the paint further I lose adhesion.

Using a Badger patriot with the medium nozzle fitted, 25psi on a piston compressor (no tank) with moisture trap and inline moisture trap. Using Aerocolor from Schimnke reduced 1:1 with their proprietary reducer. Also had similar with Wicked reduced 4:1 with w100.

Any advise or is just a matter of playing around with ratio and psi?
I have been messing with my autoair and find that on hard surface almost no reduction and about 40psi seems to work ok... I did a bit of messing on a pc case.

0.2 needle in H&S evolution
Thanks, I'll try that, been going the wrong direction I guess. I'll try thicker and more psi tomorrow...appreciated
Ahh I go the opposite direction more reduction less pressure. I also thin back the pigment what I mean is I will use an intercoat or AB medium or what ever the company is calling there pigmentless binder. This will allow more flow out of the AB as there is less pigment to try to flow. This where the expensive AB's with tight nozzles shine. Atomization under low pressure.
Thanks, I hadn't thought to use the transparent base, I'll give it a go. Sure, I'll give anything a go "it's only paint" :)
I agree with Strickly about the Trans Base scenario. I use that mostly because I can reduce the transparency of the paint without losing the viscosity. And like he said the paint flows better because the pigment particles are more dispersed. So you get better flow and maximum paint binding. However I've never used Wicked and I don't like Schminke paints. I'm a Com-art and Marissa Etac FX user and I use both their Trans. Base (Mediums) when mixing but I paint Illustrations onto card not metal.
Cheers Mel
Thanks. I only use Schimnke as I can get them at a local art supply store, but I have ordered wicked online and it takes a few days. Ask get more into this I'll build a supply of paints , probably try a few different brands out from the recommendations on here. I'll try the trans base plan with the wicked products next time. Thanks