Portrait attempt.



Anybody use stencils to do portraits? I want to try one but cant draw freehand for toffee!
Find reference , Print a few copies of it . Get some graphite paper and trace it no the surface you want to paint .And go for it.
If you can find Daniel Powers series one dvd he does a very nice showing of how to work a portrait in my opinion.
Personally I don't like stencils and portraits (just a preference thing in my own work) though anything that gets the job done, if your struggling on the freehand side, going a little bigger initially can help..One probs with stencils is sometimes they take longer to make than the actual portrait takes LOL but if you plan to use one, just use it for that initially laying out or mapping layer and just try working of it..A thread a cple days back about that large printer and forgot who it was-soz but was thinking of printing out a really light portrait and working on top of it and follow the idea the printout lays down for ya is a really good idea, especially at the start when getting used to em..best of luck..