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Greetings! I am new to airbrushing so I apologize if this is going to sound stupid.

But I have a Blue Hawk0.3-HP 2-Gallon 125-PSI Electric Air Compressor, sitting in my garage that is not doing anything. I want to know if I can use that with an Airbrush gun, to paint models.

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and Models

What all would I need? Or would it be better to just buy a compressor and airgun kit?
It would work, you would need to put a male quick connect adapter on your airbrush hose. Any workshop compressor will work, the only downside is that they are usually more noisy.

Hope it helps :)
Not worried about the noise lol. I live out in the country and have the garage to my self. Would I need a pressure regulator or oil trap, water trap etc?
Yes you need a regulator and moisture trap. Looks like it has a regulator (Green dial in between gauges). So you would only need a moisture trap.
All workshop compressors have regulators, they are sometimes not very precice, mine would go from zero to 20 psi with a mark at each 10 psi, and went up to 150 psi.

Now since I rarely go over 40 psi, I got myself an other regulator with a gauge that goes up to 100 psi and set it up with quick connects on each side so I can hook it up quickly when I want finer control of my air pressure.

Here is a picture:

And like haags said a moisture trap is good to have to eliminate any oil or moisture in the air coming out of the compressor and going to your airbrush. :)
Thanks everyone.
I appreciate the insight and now for my second question.
I am looking at Lowes and they have a 7 gallon air tank for like 60 bucks. Now I know you mentioned quick connects, so my question is can I do a three connector to it?
Basically have a block coming off the tank with a 4 way connector on it.

One for the air from the tank and then three connectors at the end.Basically setting up a brush station so I can hotswap between brushes without needing to disconnect things and reconnect.

Thanks in advance.

Is the tank I was talking about. I don't know alot about compressors and tanks and I dont want to burn out the compressor that I have. But I figure if I fill it slowly once its full I would give me all the pressure that I would need for some time.
Looking at the spec sheet it looks as if your pump is oil free. I figure it is set up to work at it's best capacity with the 2 gallon tank it has and that it would be prone to overheating if overworked. As you say you could fill the larger tank in bursts, letting the motor cool. But I would consider how much it would cost to replace the motor of your compressor plus the $60 you may spend on the tank, versus the cost of a bigger oil cooled compressor and then decide if it's worth while, especially as you could sell the one you have to recoup some of the money back.