Posterizing a Reference


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Not so much a tut but a little tip that may help..Artists have been squinting at there references for eons to simplify them down to their basic shapes and color references..But be warned doing so is dangerous....It gives you crows feet wrinkles that no youth cream will fix...:) LOL

So what I generally do is use the posterize feature of any good photoshopping program, print both your the fully detailed reference out and also print out a posterized version to save those youthful features....Below are a couple of examples, I'll add a color example as well...It really does help when defining the basic area of different colors...Hope it helps..

.Munroe-Posterized.jpgMunroe.jpgChrome Skull Reference-Posterized.jpgChrome Skull Reference.png
...and heres a colored version, take note though that posterizing the colored version can create a varience in the true color, so always color match of you original reference, use the posterized versions more as a gauge to the color work areas...


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Thanks for the great tip Ace. This really helps to see the shapes without the eye strain.
hahah hey hey! This Forum Aint No Bad Place To Be! This is just what I need so easy to understand the refpix. Thank you Ace!