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Hi everyone

I wanted to share a couple of things with you first off it's the "Canadian Thanksgiving" this weekend so we are having a;

"POWER" SALE All DANIEL POWER DVD'S are 15% off with a special shipping rate of $10.00 anywhere in North America! please use the coupon code: DVD


the second thing is an unsolicited review that was posted over at "TABF" here is a link to the full reviews.

Maple airbrush supplies review

Let me start by saying that I don’t usually make too many reviews and especially not of stores.
I live in Northwest Canada (YUKON) and getting airbrush supplies shipped up here is both expensive and nerve racking. I won’t go into any details but my recent dealings with stores from down south weren’t too great except for Chicago Airbrush.
One of the main problems is always shipping fees. I have to order quite a large amount of stuff to make it worth the 35.00 shipping base cost. Last Friday I ordered a few male quick connects and 30 minutes later I had an e-mail saying my order had been shipped. I had placed my order at 10:30 pm so I was a little skeptical about that. Wednesday morning I had not only my 3 quick connects, but also a complimentary bottle of TRIDENT AIRBRUSH PAINT In the mail. Wow, I never had anything delivered that fast. I liked the professionalism with which I was treated, It’s getting rare nowadays.!
After my last misfortunes with southern stores I was very happy to see how fast my order had been shipped
Maple airbrush you now have a faithful customer!

Zipperfoot 5:
That is great to hear. I hear they are up and coming, and also have heard what an AWESOME company they are. I have thought about giving them a try even though I am down “South” What the heck I say I should put an order in.

Thanks for looking!!!