Powerjet pro cased

Didn't realise at first that the one you got was at the bottom of the page. Just saw the first one and was all......Whaaaaaaat!!!! Lol, then the lonely braincell thought to scroll down LOL!!!! Not sure what that works out to in £'s, but sounds like a bargain!
Squishy, i paid $550 for my power jet lite in Brisbane!
Oz is bloody expensive for most things, going to keep the Lite as a back up should things go bad :)
I've been looking for a powerjet pro for ages but cant find one cheap enough. I keep looking on ebay and I will get one eventually. Great for in the house.

Got the compressor and have used it for a week, thoughts
Its great to have a tank and some storage

Far too rattly with the hinges locks - needed to tape them up to make her nice quiet :)

Very happy with my purchase