Practice sheets and eye



Here is some of my practice ovals. I got way better control as I went. I would really suggest this to any beginner, it's really helping ImageUploadedByTapatalk1333488110.890005.jpg
I began to get better control along the lines as I went as well.

Again, I did the eye, my progress from my first to third.

Let me know what you guys think of the progression.

I am here:
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You can definatly see the progression!! Looks really good, little dark , but EYE like it!!

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Yeah, it's a little dark. Especially the bottom left area

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yep, can definitely see the improvement! keep up the good work. :)
It's 100% on your originals Dylan, it's really good to see you improving.. this makes me want to start doing tutorials on how to break down a reference because your control is getting better and better, even your break down of the image has gotten better, but i'd like to go into a little more detail about the breakdown of sections of an image. Start grouping parts of the image together and deciding how you're going to do them..

For now the only 2 pieces of advice i want to give are these:
1. continue practising with the exercises
2. focus on your heights, before you airbrush any part of your picture, decide what height you're going to airbrush the effect at.

good on you for practising so much mate if you get stuck with anything just ask:)