Practice Sheets



Hi all,
I'm going to heed some advice and try my hand painting on glass. It can only help force the idea of slowly building values. One quick question - Where would I find Mitch's great practice sheets available to download? I couldn't find them on the airbrush tutor site and my Google-Fu was not strong today.

You need to be logged on to hus site, then under tutorials there is free download.

iPhone through Tapatalk.
Did you find them ? Its a separate registration, not the same one you use here
I did find them! Wow! Doing these on glass is amazing!!! It's so unforgiving and yet such an easy way to crank out tons and tons of practice strokes. I also realized I was using too much pressure on the surface with my steadying hand for distance. I've already begun eliminating that habit. I'm really hooked on these exercises. Thanks a bunch!
Razor blade the old off, bit of windex and youre off an running again. I found it really helped with getting pressure / movement / reduction right.
Indeed Jack. I thought I had a pretty decent reduction but you definitely find out for sure when you go to glass. I was a little skeptical when I first heard about the glass trick, but I'm really tickled with this!!!
it certainly makes you focus on what your doing, or not doing

reduction to high ?? - - - - SPIDER
pressure to high - - - - - SPIDER
moving to slow, with pressure to high and to much reduction ??? - - - - - CENTIPEDE lol
I can't seem to to find these sheets. I see the control excersises that reference the sheets, but no download link for the sheets.
It was ages before someone pointed that out to me... You know, go for the easy things first!!
Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I cannot find the sheets either. I made sure I was logged into the main site with the account I created when I bought the tutorial. It even has a friendly, "Hello Alan" at the bottom of the menu list so I know I'm logged in. But I can't find the link for the practice sheets anywhere. Has the link been moved in the last few months?